Iron Gods

Do we Have to Kill Everyone we Meet?

Leaving the Hawk Palace, our heroes attempted to find somewhere to use as a base. While doing so, Nisha accosted a local to act as a messenger, and let Sevroth Slaid know that Birdfood was dead. Accidently flashing the contents of her money pouch, including silverdiscs, she made the group a target for one of the local pickpockets. When the pickpocket turned his attention to Camlo, he was surprised to find his wrist grasped. Breaking free, he ran, only to receive an arrow in the back of his skull. Camlo searched the body, finding the 5 silverdiscs, which she distributed among the group.

Finally finding a tavern called the Android’s Piston, they entered. Juha stood a round of drinks for the group, before Nisha tried to troll the tavern for information. She found herself confronted by a local thug, who called her Kittycat. her Wakizashi leapt into her hand, blade tip under the thugs chin. “Call me that again” She threatened.

“What are you going to do about it, Kittycat?” was the reply, as the thug grabbed at the blade. His fingers fell as the blade went through the top of his skull.

His friends moved in to avenge him,only to be confronted by the group. Juha made an offer to them. The situation could be settled with drinks, or joining their friend on the floor. His calm air of confidence persuaded them that drinks were the better option. Juha then settled with the barkeep, and dragged the corpse out of the tavern.

Slightly sickened by the events in the tavern, Kellen separated himself from the group, only to run into a young whore and her pimp. He was rescued by Juha with a flying headbutt, and then asked if they were going to kill this one. When he Juha decined, Kellen asked what made this one different.

After the pimp incident they were approached a a Silver Raven, bearing a message which invited them to Dinvaya Lanalei’s Clockwork Chapel.

The passageway the Raven led them down ended in a clockwork wall, full of turning gears,except for two large cogs where there should have been doors. A fascinated Maddie began exploring the wall, and got her hand grabbed by a gear. Further exploration revealed a switch that opened the large cogs.

Inside the wall, an artistic statue of Brigh lurched into motion and attacked them. They made short work of the Scrap Golem, and as it crashed to the floor the door it had been guarding opened.


“Obviously, I need to make some adjustments to it” she mutered as she observed the wrecakge of her Scrap golem. The party were regarded with suspicion until they mentioned joram Kyte, and the mission they were on.

Introducing herself as Dinvaya Lanalei, she ofered the use of the Clockwork Chapel as a base in Scrapwal for the group and told them what she knew of the Lords of Rust.

Draigs: The ettin Draigs wields two spiky chains with unnerving grace in combat. She’s the thug and executioner for the leadership—the one Hellion calls upon to mete out punishment to those who sin against Hellion.
Helskarg: The troll Helskarg is a garrulous creature and something of the front face of the Lords. She guards the entrance to the gang’s lair, but more importantly, she orchestrates the fights in the Scrapmaster’s Arena.
Kulgara: After Meyanda’s loss, Kulgara seized control
of the gang as its commander, and now ranks just under
Hellion. She increasingly sees the Lords of Rust as her
own gang.
Meyanda: This purple-haired android was once the high priestess of Hellion and the leader of the Lords of Rust, and her loss has thrown the gang into disarray—though none outside of the gang miss her cruelty. Her leadership duties have been split between Kulgara and Nalakai.
Nalakai: With the loss of Meyanda, Nalakai is the most powerful cleric of Hellion remaining in Scrapwall. Vexed by Kulgara’s cocky attitude and growing hunger for power, Nalakai hopes to find proof that Kulgara intends to betray Hellion so that he can engineer her demise and replace her in the role of commander of the Lords of Rust.
Zagmaander: The most mysterious Lord of Rust is the crimson-skinned monster Zagmaander, who is something of a local bogeyman. Zagmaander serves Hellion as an
enforcer and assassin, and even the other Lords of Rust leaders fear her.
Hellion: Hellion is the lord and god of the Lords of Rust. Many have heard its voice or have seen its fiendish visage on the monitors found throughout the excavator, yet none can say they’ve seen Hellion in the flesh. Most believe Hellion to be a powerful fiend (a demon or devil), while others suspect it of being a Technic League agent using a fiend’s facade to sow fear. Others believe it to be an alien, the ghost of an ancient crew member from the Silver
Mount, or even a trickster posing as a god. None have yet come close to the truth.


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