Not knowing the exact origins of her ancestry, Nisha Tsuneni and her twin brother Sirron, were born of a human mother and demon father. Her mother was born into slavery among the subjects of the shapeshifting rulers of Chu Ye, in the region of Tian Xia called the Oni.

Out of curiosity or the sheer boredom of menial slavery her mother developed an unhealthy fascination with darker powers that led her to fall to the seduction of a Rakshasa demon spawn. This would be her ultimate downfall as she died during Nisha and her twin brother’s childbirth as is often the fate of mothers of tieflings, especially so with the complication of a twin birth.

Nisha would have been killed if not for the attention of the spymaster for the current ruler of Chu Ye; Shogun Tsuneni. The spymater recognised the potential of a Rakasha spawn tiefling in the trade of espionage, if she could be trained from birth. As such she was taken under the wings of her Oni overlords to be trained as a tool for spying, deception and of course, assassination. She was given the name of her owner Tsuneni.

As Rakasha spawn, Nisha and her brother Sirron were born with a pale muave complexion and a pattern of smooth hairy stripes across the body. Sirron’s disfigurements we’re however far more prominent and he featured a partly exposed exoskeletal spinal scales and demon horns, along with his hairy stripes being rough and wiry rather than smooth. Much harder to fit in and feared by the other slaves and locals, he was banished to a far off dungeon by the Oni overlords to be groomed as a torturer of their enemies. As he was taken at birth Nisha has been unaware of his existence until recently.

Before long Nisha’s talents propelled her to the position of spymaster by the age of 25. However she became increasingly suspicious of her shapeshifting masters and began to doubt the justifications given for many of the missions and especially the few assassinations she was ordered to make. She longed to see real justice done and began to sabotage missions she saw as cruel and unjust, though always managing to divert the blame for failure to other reasons.

During a time of ambivalence and feeling a lack of discipline, so unlike her usual obedient and loyal self she strayed into the underworld of Chu Ye, discovering rumours of another tiefling who banished from the kingdom at the same time of her birth. Naturally, given her position as spymaster she was quickly able to rout out the truth that the other tiefling was her twin brother Sirron. Shock and surprise quickly grew into anger and bitterness toward her Oni masters as she resolved to abandon her post and find her long lost brother. That is not before sabotaging the Oni’s entire spy network by exposing the cruelest and most corrupt lords, soldiers and noble men amongst them.

She then escaped their rule and set out to track down the whereabouts of her brother, determined to avenge his banishment, but fearful of what has become of him.


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