- 22 years old

- Dark hair, blue eyes, positive had joyful, described as a bit of a dreamer by some and off with the fairies by others.

- Ex Cleric, part of the Church of Iomedae, carries the blessing of the Church in seeking out and understanding his various dreams and visions for the good of the people.

- Wears the light studded leather armour of the Clerical Crusaders and has the symbol of Iomedae on his gear, also wears a simple hooded travelling cloak and wields a symbolic mace with the symbol of Iomedae shaped into it. Also wears a longsword as a symbol of faith.

Trained and served as a junior battlefield healer in the World Scar Crusade, Kellen was later noted to be frequently distracted by dreams and visions of far off lands and beings from other planes and as his skills as a healer developed so did the visions until he could no longer quiet his mind long enough to focus on the prayers and meditation needed to preform more complex acts of healing and protection. Being an honest young man Kellen shared his dreams and sightings with his head priest for advice and as the dreams grew more frequent Kellen was often questioned as to their nature. Many have felt Kellen is followed by another presence, sometimes a room will light up when he enters, or small things get knocked over. Other times an unexplainable breeze will blow even the soft voice of a young girl can be heard just out of sight, those at peace are intrigued, but other men tend to fear that which they cannot explain. Freshly freed from his Crusaders vows Kellen finds himself on the road to discover what Iomedae has in store. His ghostly childhood friend is still with him, appearing now and then as a girl, sometimes skipping down the streets or picking flowers, or playing with a puppy in the streets or stearing at sweets she can’t eat, sometime she is in the background and waves out, other times she comes and talks to Kellen, telling him things and talking about the world. She is almost never seen during battle, but has shown up afterwards, sometimes laughing at the silly faces of the ‘sleeping’ dead or wounded and remaining somehow oblivous to the pain and suffering endured by those in the mortal world.

A cleric wearing travellers gear laughs to no one and walks into an inn in the township of Torch. Little does he know what lies ahead…


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