Born in to a travelling river family. Growing up Camlo helped with life on the barge and grew know that her family where different from other people as they moved from town to town city by city with the flow of the river.

Water and birth being strong linked with Camlo

Her connection to pharasma grew and finding her ability to heal people that had been through problematic child birth or hurt will on the rivers.

After an encounter with a Sharman that was killing of river people bringing them back to serve as minions to bring fear Camlo and her family where an important part in his down fall but this came at a cost to the family with the death of 2 of her older brothers and a younger sister that changed after the encounter.

Not being able to stay with her family to help the victims of the Sharman. Hearing new that her younger sister had changed and left the family had taken to doweling of finding the master. Camlo has vowed to find and relise her sister from the corruption of the Sharman that is what brings Camlo war priest of pharasma to the area.


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