Iron Gods

Take me out, to the Black

The party stepped onto another beach area, to be confronted by man-size, frog-like creature, with something branded on it’s flank.
Maddie recognized the brand on the creature’s flank as the undercommon rune for “Pet”.
It eyed them hungrily, preparing to charge. Nisha responded, running at it, but her foot caught in the water, causing her attack to miss. The others moved up, and swiftly killed the beast.
A passage led off to the southwest, leading to a cavern filled with scrap and old crates.After rummaging through the trash, they came up with seven silverdisks. As she straightened up , Nisha caught a glimpse of movement by Kellen. She rushed over , looking for the source of movement, but found nothing. Maddie was retrieved from the pile, and the followed a passage to the east, leading to a ledge overlooking a large cavern. In the cavern were four crude huts made of what appeared to be strips of metal, hides, and plant matter. When Nisha attempted to scout along the ledge, they were challenged by a voice that seemed to come from nowhere. The owner of the voice seemed to appear from nowhere, and offered them a chance to talk. Two of the group could talk to the leader of this tribe, and discuss a possible alliance.
Juha took Maddie with him, but began to regret his choice after they saw the cavern where the tribes leader dwelt. Strewn with technological rubbish, Maddie was fascinated.
Sef, the leader of the small tribe of Skulks offered the group the tribes treasure, in return for leaving them alone, and removing the Jinkin Gremlin problem they had. Juha agreed, and they set off to defeat the gremlins.
Moving north from the Skulk lair, they encountered a series of small caverns. In the first Nisha surprised a solitary Jinkin Gremlin, which they quickly killed. In the next small cavern Juha found a trap, by the simple expedient of tripping the wire across the entrance. A spike swung down from the ceiling, embedding itself in his chest, but missing anything vital. (Confirmed critical rolled on the dice) After Kellen healed Juha they continued on to the Gremlins nest.
Despite Juha‘s getting injured by the trap they were able to sneak up on the Jinkin Gremlin nest, and attack with surprise. Nisha snuck up behind one, a cut it’s throat, while Maddie was finally able to unleash one of her bombs. It landed at the feet of the leader, and killed two gremlins behind him while severely injuring the leader also. The leader was finished by Kellen, and the last Jinkin Gremlin dimension doored out of the nest.
They began to make their way back to the Skulk lair, exploring the remaining passages and caverns. A lone Jinkin Gremlin dimension doored into a passage in front of Nisha, and promptly attacked. The party swung into attack mode, eventually surrounding the gremlin, while ineffectually attacking it. The gremlin went into aggressive mode, cutting and biting at the group, wounding most of them before Juha was able to put it down.
Back at the Skulk’s cavern they investigated the meatal wall and door, concluding that they would be able to open the door when they returned.. Sef gave them the offered reward of 49 silverdisks, and five cards made of a smooth, flexible material, each bearing a brown stripe.
Weary, and battered and bruised, they decided to end their first foray into the caves, and return to the town. On the way out they decided to take the body of the half-orc with them.
They took her body to the Temple of Brigh, and Joram Kyte. The priest of Brigh identified the body as Parda Garr, a popular brawler in town.
Finally, they retired to the Foundry Tavern for the night, to rest up before venturing in to the caves again.

Under the hill and ...

PCs present
Madeline Azzington Meataxe {Maddie}- Alchemist (Nigel)
Kellen – Haunted Oracle (Ollie)
Nisha – Ninja (Chris)
Juha Vatanen – Swashbuckler (Owen)

After meeting and introducing themselves, the PC’s shared the rumours they had heard.

1. The headaches everybody is suffering are caused by someone tampering with Crowfeather Palace

2. Androids are mostly harmless, Right?

3. Someone was opened up from throat to gut at The Marrymaid, but it’s been hushed up and something is being covered up.

4. Something lit up the junkmasters shack like a second torch a few weeks ago. Wonder what he’s hiding there?

A brief discussion led them to the junkyard, and a talk with the junkmaster. After the old gnome mentioned a catalog, Maddie got excited and wanted to peruse it, while the rest went off to search the yard. Deciding the junkyard was a dead end, they went to investigate the weeping pond, where stories had put the entrance to the caves under Black Hill.

Nisha found the entrance under water, but could not reach an area where she could draw breath.After a debate over the quality of the water they headed back to town and the council building, to talk to someone there about the reward and the water.

Councillor Dolga Freddert confirmed the reward, and told them the water quality had not changed since Khonnir Baine had built the Crowfeather Palace to purify it. She also told them of Val Baine‘s offer of accommodation and food. Joram Kyte’s willingness to cast waterbreathing on any group venturing into the hill was also mentioned.

Deciding to sort out their base of operations first, they went to visit Val Baine at the Foundry Tavern. As they approached,they heard a scream from the private dwelling behind. Rushing to the nearest window Nisha spied a young girl hiding under a table, with some sort of automaton attacking the walls of the room.

Heroes to the rescue of a damsel in distress, they charged into the house. With Maddie studying the Malfunctioning Repair Drone, while Nisha and Juha attempted to subdue it, they realised it had no off switch, and were forced into physical deactivation. Nisha‘s Wakizahi destroyed it’s power core.

The group went with Val to the Tavern building, After Juha, in what may be regular duty for him, dragged Maddie away from the defunct robot.
After a meal of bread and cheese they, paid a visit to Joram Kyte at the Temple of Brigh, and he accompanied them to the Weeping Pond. With the waterbreathing spell in place they set off into the depths of Black Hill

When they surfaced, they found themselves on a beach with a subdued light coming from the rocky wall at the back of it. Three starving Fire Beetles soon attacked the group.Maddie‘s cleaver quickly dispatched the first, while Kellen’s mace splattered the second. While the third tried to bite Maddie, Juha stepped up and drove his rapier though the beetle.

Spotting something at the limits of her vision, Nisha decided to go through the stalagmite cave to investigate. She found the body of a female Half-orc, but nobody could identify her.

They stepped out in another beach area.

About to Start

Last week we finished chapter 2 of Way of the Wicked (run by Owen) and with half of our session remaining they guys began Character Creation. Owen an Nigel already had their characters in mind, and were just needing to get the stats rolled.
Madeline Azzington Meataxe (Nigel’s concept) finally made it to paper. She will be an Alchemist, with a crazy bent to her.
Owen brings a Swashbuckler to the party, with an antipathy towards the Technic League.
Chris (the least experienced of the group) has decided on a Ninja.
Ollie will rock up with an Oracle
And finally Troy brings a warpriest of Pharasma.

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