Iron Gods

The gypsy got overexcited and passed out

After the fight concluded the shock of the bomb blast was too much for Camlo, and she fainted. Deciding that three was not enough, they carried her back through the elevator, only to find Juha had followed Sanvil Trett. The group decided to stash the unconscious Camlo in the room with the big golden button. A solicitous Juha even helped to make her comfortable.

The group then went back up the elevator, and took the door to the north, where they encountered more Ratfolk Scrappers, and Scrapwall Fanatics. After a short fight, they left them for dead, and found one loccker in the room that had been unopened. Inside, they found a small trove of tech items..

Pushing through the rooms they dealt to more Ratfolk and half-orcs, before returning to the Thylacine lair. After opening the double doors in the center, they found lightning arcing from wall to wall. Deciding it was too dangerous to attempt crossing, they retreated, and opened the south door.

The corridor behind the door led to what appeared to be a manufacturing facility, which was occupied by two repair drones, which appeared to be busy attempting to fix the machinery.


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