Iron Gods

"She's a gypsy, just rest it on her wide,child-bearing hips"

Resting after their battle with the undead Kasatha leader, the group observed a figure walking across the desert environment in one of the screens. The figure was quickly recognized as Sanvil Trett, striding purposefully across the sand. After a quick discussion the heroes decided to set an ambush for him the curving corridor.

When he reached the room with the big golden button, and the blue table, they heard him say “This is what I have been looking for.” and launched their attack. Trett heard them coming, and was able to quickly cast a couple of spells, that they couldn’t identify. Uncertain of the magic, Nisha attacked anyway, causing a slight wound to him. His response was to cast another spell, and then there were six of him in the control room. While the others were uncertain of who to attack, Maddie stepped up and lobbed a bomb into the room. Sanvil Trett was back to just one.

After taking another wound he suddenly surrendered, offering information if they would spare his life. Camlo pressed the tip of her longsword against his throat, and told him to talk. Trett informed them that Garmen Ulrath was dealing the purple-haired woman and something was going on in one of Ulrath’s warehouses. When pressed for more, Trett admitted that was all he had. Camlo ran her sword through his throat.

After some quick healing, it was time to travel on the “elephant”

Arriving at the next deck, the elevator door opened, to reveal a large room with what looed like for sleeping nests in it. They were soon threatened by the inhabitants of the room when Nisha ventured in.. Struggling to hit the small Thylacines that were attacking, things started going horribly wrong when Maddie‘s second bomb bounced off the wall of the elevator, back towards all but Nisha Maddie and Kellen avoided the blast , but Camlo caught some of the shrapnel. With a cry of "I’m helping! I’m helping!" Maddie brought out her crossbow, and rested it on Camlo‘s shoulder (At this point, Ollie made the comment "she’s a gypsy, just rest on her wide, child-bearing hips" which instantly became the title of this episode. Still not sure if he making the in character or not.) The shor went wide, almost hitting Kellen in the leg. Nisha snotted her second Thylacine while Maddie shifted her crossbow to Camlo‘s other shoulder. This shot went wild also, with sparks from the impact with floor showering Nisha’s leg.

As the last Thylacine went down, the door to the north opened, revealing a group of Ratfolk Scrappers, and Scrapwall Fanatics. The two Orcish fanatics charged the group, while the Ratfolk fired hand crossbows at the heores. Our heores moved into the room, quickly dominating the enemy, which was more than they had done with the Thylacines. (It seems to a common theme with the group as a whole, no matter who is DMing – beat up the bigger creatures and bosses with no problem, but struggle to fight the smaller creatures that should be nothing more than a speed bump)


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