Iron Gods

My Horse is Amazing

(It Tastes Just Like Raisins)

Preparations began to leave Torch, to investigate Scrapwall and the Lords of Rust. Nisha and Juha arranged transportation with merchant as part of the guard, travelling to Hollow Garden.
The group also arranged sale of most of their robots through Khonnir Baine, much to Maddie’s disappointment. They were also approached by Joram Kyte, who asked if they could look out for a colleague of his, Dinvaya Lanalei, and let her know that the Technic League is no longer looking for her, and there is place for her in Torch if she wishes it.

The following morning they left with merchant for an uneventful first day of the trip. That night Nisha went hunting, and brought back a goat for the cookfire. She asked Maddie to butcher the goat as Maddie came from “a long line of adopted butchers”.

On the second day of the journey they came across a lone figure standing by the trail. Juha walked forward to talk to the Gunslinger, who was looking for job as a guard. Meanwhile Nisha snuck around to scout for possible ambushers.

Juha walked back to the wagon with the gunslinger who engaged in a discussion with the merchant, but they could not come to an agreement. Preparing to return to the rest, Nisha noticed a rabbit staring at her. Surprise that it could approach unknown, she attempte to stab the rabbit, only to miss. (Is this the campaign where I have the net I can’t hit anything with? Yes.) The ninja threw her net over the rabbit, trapping it in the net. The rabbit then promptly turned in to a naked man.

The two began arguing over him being trapped in the net, with the naked man claiming to be a were-rabbit. Nisha called the others over, and was questioned as to why she had a naked man in the net. She told them that he was a were-rabbit, and he promptly denied having claimed such a thing) Asking what she should do with him, Camlo suggested just leaving him trapped in the net, and walk away. Eventually she released him, and he walked off to a grove of trees. The rest of the group headed back to the wagon, thinkingthat Nisha was losing her mind. Nisha observed a dragon rise from the grove and turned to call them back, but the dragon disappeared, leaving Nisha also wondering if something was wrong with her mnd.

On the third day, they reached Hollow Garden, where they parted company from the merchant. In the town they approached a horse dealer so they could obtain mounts for the rest of the journey to Scrapwall. While Maddie, Camlo, and Juha were content to pay market price, Nisha decided to negotiate for package deal on horse and tack, paying at least ten per cent over the market rate, and was seriously considering the offer of chrome plated hooves for an extra twenty gold.

Travelling east to Scrapwal they were able to avoid an encounter with a monstrous moonflower. Acting on the advice of the wagonmaster they had traveled with, they decided to stop a Aldronard’s Grave before venturing across the river to Scrapwall itself. A large volume of smoke rising from the fortress alarmed them, and Nisha was sent to scout out the buildings. She ninja’d over the wall and was able to see some figures playing knucklebones in the yard.


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