Iron Gods

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The assault on Aldronards grave began, with Juha attempting to scale the wall by rope. He slipped in doing so, unknowingly alerting the Smilers in the towers. As they reached the parapet of the wall, they came under fire from the towers.


Maddie’s battlecry sounded out as a bomb miscued, and more pistol shots came from the ground. They broke into the first tower, and took the fight to the ground, while the last smiler guard (in the second gate tower) kept up a steady fire. The smilers on the ground, including their leader Hatchethand, were quickly overwhelmed, but the final guard refused to surrender.
In the end, Camlo smoked him out by setting fire to the floor he was standing on.

Searching the stables (one of the few remaining buildings in the keep) they discovered the remaining members of the garrison, tied up and awaiting the butcher’s knife. Freeing them they sought information on Scrapwall. but before going they wandered over to the ruined chapel, where the ghost of Aldronard mistook Maddie for his lost love.

Refusing to forgive the revenant, Maddie forced the group into a fight with the ghost, which they were barely able to win.

Crossing the river to Scrapwall, they were taken to see Sevroth Slaid of the Steel Hawks gang, who attempted to convince them to help her remove her gang leader, the Smiler Birdfood.

This caused a moral dilemma for some of the group, as they do not see themselves as assassins for hire.


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