Iron Gods

I Stab It in the Hydraulics

Nisha stepped around the two robots, which ignored her, and found a window in the machinery with a message on it. Not knowing Androffan, she was unable to read it and called Maddie over. Reading the message aloud, Maddie found it said “WARNING: Robot Command Core Damaged—Reboot Required!” As she finished the words she touched the screen, and the two collector robots came to a halt.
The two robots were pushed over, and quickly secured for salvage.
Another door was visible in this room, and they opened it, to observe a Gearsman robot standing beyond it. As they moved towards the room the Gearsman attacked, it’s shrill metallic voice speaking in Androffan, a message that Maddie hastily translated into “We’re in trouble”. The full message was “Intrusion detected. Initiating purge protocol 11-321. Please stand down and submit, intruders. Purge protocol 11-321 demands compliance per core Divinity Directive.” It focused it’s attacks on Juha, slamming into him, and playing it’s Neural Inhibitor over him. The Swashbuckler went down under the concentrated attacks of the robot, and it turned it’s attacks to Nisha. Meanwhile, Maddie kept up a constant attack on it with her bombs.
The Gearsman dropped Nisha as a final bomb from a soot-smeared Maddie finished it. The falling mechanical construct landed on Nisha, pinning the ninja to the floor.
Searching the room the Gearsman was guarding, they managed to find a White Access Card.
A third door in the manufacturing room was only accessible with the White Access Card. Through the door they found several more Scrapwall Fanatics and Ratfolk Scrappers, along with two other, more sinister figures.

XP for the session – 900 each


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