Iron Gods

Chapter 1 recap

In the town of Torch, the group decided to investigate the extinguished Torch, and the disappearance of councillor Khonnir Baine.
The trail led under the hill by the town, where various creatures were encountered. In between forays under the hill, they visited various sites in the town itself, which led to the sampling of Numerian fluids, and Juha becoming the victim of projectile vomiting. (His revenge came later when they entered a strange construct under the hill)
During the investigation they learned of a purple-haired woman who may have been responsible for the events. Mechanical beings occupied the construct, but they eventually found their way to the heart of the construct where the purple-haired woman was found.
In the ensuing fight, they defeated her minions, forcing her to flee into the final room, where Nisha and Maddie (I’m helping!) brought her down. In doing so, they removed an item that was drawing off the power of the Torch, and reignited it.
From there they found the device that was being used to transmit power to another location after invading the local crime boss’s warehouse, where Maddie unveiled her new weapon. Now they have gathered with the council of Torch in an attempt to decipher where the device was sending the stolen energy.


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